Winter 2018

Our Second Album Available, Released, Set Free!

Children of the Stones comprises seven tracks exploring times when the Earth and its peoples celebrated together their part in the Universe …

the unity and disharmony,

the peace and the strife,

the struggle and contentment.

Tuesday 2nd April


Appears on
Prog Mag 97 cover CD

Friday 5th March

Fragile Sounds by Katharine Morling

Pretty sweet Children of the Stones audio cassette piece in porceline. Check out Katherine's work here:
Monday 25th March

Check out our interview on MWE3!

Robert Steven Silverstein interviews Nick and me re recent album Children of the Stones
Saturday 16th Feb

CDs in! Yeah!


Spring 2016

Review in Progression Issue 69

Symphonically structured soundscapery searching spatial states is the otherworldly mission of Shining Pyramid, a/k/a British duo Nick Adams (guitars) and Peter Jeal (synthesizers) on this self-titled debut. The all-instrumental work of six tracks is said to be “loosely based” on gothic horror tale “The Shining Pyramid” written by turn-of-the-(20th) century Welsh author Arthur Machen. “Loosely” of course, as there are no lyrical reference points here beyond song titles. Although, the music alone conjures suitably mysterious, occasionally foreboding atmospherics.

Inspired by their affection for '70s progressive music, Adams and Jeal appear to draw chiefly from the cosmically sonorous electronic-symphonic motifs of early Teutonic masters Tangerine Dream, etc. in crafting pieces that move both melodically and impressionistically. Jeal's bouncily rhythmic sequencing is a delightful mainstay beneath synth leads shared with Adams' yearning, (intermittently) texturally coarse guitar.

Particularly noteworthy: heaven-bound melody “Grey Bridge,” the dramatically ominous vibe of “The Myriads Beneath” and three-part, 22-minute closing suite “Annie Trevor/Under the Wild Hills/Pyramid of Fire,” which moves cinematically through contrasting passages toward an aggressively rocking five-minute conclusion.

Striking cover art by Jonathan Adams enhances Shining Pyramid's adventurously escapist undertaking.

We'll watch for voyage No. 2.

John Collinge
Monday 2nd May

Review and Interview at MWE3

This website is a great music resource - very pleased wih the review and you can read our interview here.

Interviewer Robert Silverstein has great passion for and dedication to all kinds of rock - so much to read on this site

Thursday 4th Feb

Promo CDs now with us

Friday 18th Dec

Prog Mag CD Feature!

Far in the Spiritual City, first track from our début album to feature on Prog Magazine #62 free CD out today!
Thursday 17th Dec

Album Released!

Our début album now on sale at Bandcamp for £5.00 (+vat)


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