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May 2021

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Thursday 29th Jan

CDs in! Yeah!

Wallet obverse from an early photo from Nick. Peter did the reverse — “I Wish I could tell you, but I drank the ground after.”

The rings on the CD face derive from the WAV of Nick's guitar on Like Katriona. Not a lot of people know that.

Kit Breakdown


  • TransmitterC - I'm using my Strat, it has a '66 neck and an Allparts body with Bare Knuckle Apache pickups.
  • Triskel - that slightly lo fi quality is provided by a 1960 Melody Maker.
  • Campfire - that's my '82 Les Paul Custom in Fripp's new standard tuning.
  • Rain - I'm playing piano! The bass is probably my '78 Jazz bass. I also have two P basses one of which is fretless.
  • Like Katriona - the main part is a '73 SG, it has a nice woody sound. The second guitar is the Strat.
  • Wierd Science - I'm using the volume control on my '56 Les Paul Junior for the swell effect. The lead parts are the Strat.
  • Joy? - that's my '88 Les Paul Standard.


Cubase with Waldorf's Blofeld. Succumbed to one preset "Moog Solo 2" as a lead on Triskel.

xlnaudio's Addictive Keys piano used on that track too.

Korg Micorkorg for lead late on in Like Katriona countering Nick's Strat - needed a dirtier ring mod.
Tuesday 2nd April


Appears on
Prog Mag 97 cover CD

Friday 5th March

Fragile Sounds by Katharine Morling

Pretty sweet Children of the Stones audio cassette piece in porceline.
Check out Katherine's work here:

Saturday 16th Feb

CDs in! Yeah!

Wallet design Muriel Adams

Thursday 4th Feb

Promo CDs now with us

Wallet design by pygnosis.
Friday 18th Dec

Prog Mag CD Feature!

Far in the Spiritual City, first track from our début album to feature on Prog Magazine #62 free CD out today!